Monday, 27 April 2009

Miss Molly

I love newborns. They are by far my favourite subject to photograph. I love that I'm so much better at getting them to sleep now than when my daughter was born - I used to feel so overwhelmed when realtives could soothe her and get her to sleep in minutes where I'd been trying for hours. Now, with the newborns I photograph, I get to remind myself that not only have I developed as a photographer, but I've come a long way as a mother too. This little cherub did not like my new basket at all, but once we figured out she just wanted to be snuggled in a blanket, she slept and slept.

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Look Who's Six...

...and a half! My mom suggested waiting until the spring to do Holly's pink dress photo shoot. Taking her into the woods in the middle of the English winter in a light summer frock with chiffon scarf was not much fun - and I'd strip down to similar layers to get an idea of how cold it was - VERY!
So, here we are, spring is most definitely here, and Holly was really keen to head out to do her sixth installment of the pink dress photos. I shot over 200 frames, because every time I asked if she was done and did she want to head home, she'd go off and twirl or float the scarf out or do something beautiful and I'd end up shooting a few more frames! These are from the last few, when the sun was low and I could get some pretty back lit images. Nana, more to follow soon, I promise!

Sunday, 5 April 2009

A Walk in the Woods

Every time I go somewhere new in England, I fall in love again. I could happily move to the country side, to a little village where you know everyone and you can walk to the local shops. This family's home in a quaint little part of Surrey was no exception, and they were lovely people too. Miss P and her little brother were such cuties, and did very well walking around the woods with me pointing a camera at them every time they moved!