Thursday, 19 May 2011

Double Delight

Twins have always held a fascination for me. When I was a little girl, I had a secret dream that I'd been one of a twin, separated at birth, and one day my twin sister and I would be reunited. Then I grew up and realised that my wonderful and loving parents were telling the truth after all, and that I was (un) fortunately one of a kind. I would have liked to have had twins, although my heart did skip a beat at the thought that my second child was almost a twin ( a second yolk sac showed up on our first scan, with no heart beat) and thankfully he is the only one of him we have!

But I have always been drawn to twins, marveling at the miracle of two babies growing inside their mum, sometimes so alike only a mum can tell them apart, and sometimes so different, like these two sweet girls. But no matter if they're identical or not, the bond shared by twins is one that's a delight to watch, a mystery to figure out and an absolute honour to photograph. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to meet and photograph your girls Donna, and with them barely one week old you set the bar for new mums very high indeed!

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Sweet Baby Millie

I have another friend from school who recently had a baby girl, so I cornered her and asked if I could take pictures of her gorgeous sweet chunky baby girl. Here she is, in all her newborn squishyness!

When I saw her birthmark I squealed - what a perfect little target for kisses

This shot was one of those moments in photography that you could never predict. I got her into position, lifted my camera and as I pressed the shutter she had this little wind smile. Her mum and I both gasped, we knew straight away that this would be our favourite image.

In newborn photography circles, photographers often have tiny babies in impossible poses, and amateur photographers try to (dangerously) recreate them. This shot is a composite of two, and in each shot the baby's head was being supported from the side by her mum. A newborn's neck is not strong enough to support their head like this, so please don't try put your baby in this pose.

Love those little wrinkles on her back.

They lose that loose skin on her heads so quickly, I love to capture the little rolls of soft downy baby heads!

And it's all in the details that we forget so quickly, the flaky feet and hands, the little millia spots on their noses, their soft downy ears and delicate little eyelashes. Thank you so much for letting me take pictures of your sweet little girl Jo and Sean, she's a keeper!

Monday, 25 April 2011

Holly is Eight (and a half!)

I haven't been taking on any photography clients for a while now. I'm really happy with the work I do at my kids school, and I keep busy with making cakes, doing odd crafts, horse riding and house work, that it seems the only photos I have to post to my blog are the ones of my kids.

Well, we have been having the most glorious Easter break, perfect sunny days and lazy afternoons. I took Holly out yesterday for her eighth set of Pink Dress photos - eighth! How did she get so big? The dress no longer trails on the ground, she's so tall.

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Liam's Beach Chair, age Five

When I started Liam's Beach Chair series five years ago, we were living with my in-laws at their seaside home. It was easy to pick a good day, when the beach wasn't too crowded, to take him down and do his pictures. The following years required a bit more planning, but as he was in preschool and I wasn't working, it was easy enough to do.

This year, however, I had him in full time school and me working every lunch time. It was a lot trickier to get him down to take his fifth year pictures, especially seeing as we've had one of the loveliest summers in years so weekends meant the beaches were packed! But, finally, I got him down to the beach and we did his shoot.

My little man, aged five.

Friday, 28 May 2010

Holly is Seven (and a half)

A few weeks ago we were having our first spell of beautiful weather, so I seized the day and took Holly out for her latest pink dress session. It really has been working well waiting for nice weather, rather than trying to shoot them in the middle of winter when it's her birthday. After struggling at first - her with knowing how to pose and me with trying to get something different - I put her new cow-girl hat on and she came alive! She can come across as shy at first, but deep down she loves to show off and perform, and with this hat on she just started playing and having fun.

She's growing up so quickly, I can't believe she's going to be eight on her next birthday!

Holly at six.
Holly at five.
Holly at four is right at the bottom of the blog page, and I wasn't blogging yet when I did her first three!

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

In Daddy's Tie

This is the same adorable boy baby in the round basket a few posts down. He is getting cuter and cuter by the day, and always has a huge smile for me when I say hello. I'm lucky enough to live across the way from him, so I get a smile often ;-)

{Because the dad is important, I got his face in one shot too!}

I saw this shot on a fellow photographer's blog ages ago, and kept it in mind for when a boy baby came along that was the right age for trying it out on. Thanks Liz and Steve, he's perfect!

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Baby Sweetness in a Red Stripy Hat

Isn't this little cherub the sweetest thing ever in his red stripy hat? The very first time I saw him on the school run wearing it, I knew, I simply had to take his pictures and he had to be wearing his hat! It's a special little hat to his mum too, as it was the very first thing he wore, even before they'd cleaned him up and dressed him, the nurses asked for a hat for him because his little head was cold. What a darling, he was so sweet to photograph, and slept all morning.

Dimples! Oh how I love dimples!

I love the little details of newborns, the fuzzy hair that still softens their ears and foreheads and shoulder blades, their wrinkly bodies, their flaky feet and little button noses. But best of all is their lovely smell when you cuddle them and get them ready for a shot. Thanks Lizzie, for letting me get my fix with your gorgeous new baby boy!