Sunday, 20 December 2009

Baby Sweetness in a Red Stripy Hat

Isn't this little cherub the sweetest thing ever in his red stripy hat? The very first time I saw him on the school run wearing it, I knew, I simply had to take his pictures and he had to be wearing his hat! It's a special little hat to his mum too, as it was the very first thing he wore, even before they'd cleaned him up and dressed him, the nurses asked for a hat for him because his little head was cold. What a darling, he was so sweet to photograph, and slept all morning.

Dimples! Oh how I love dimples!

I love the little details of newborns, the fuzzy hair that still softens their ears and foreheads and shoulder blades, their wrinkly bodies, their flaky feet and little button noses. But best of all is their lovely smell when you cuddle them and get them ready for a shot. Thanks Lizzie, for letting me get my fix with your gorgeous new baby boy!


Jürgen said...

Hi Jo-Anne, great images, lovely reportage. I'm sure your "clients" are very happy.

Greetings from Jürgen

Wee Cute Treasures said...

Hi Jo,

What precious photos and how beautifully shot! You have some talent there. Thank you for visiting my blog and your encouraging words about the dolls house. My original idea was to try to get the Arthur delivered here but it was just getting so expensive, and also it is back-opening and I want my dolls house to sit on my hall table which is very narrow.

I hope you post some photos of your Arthur when you have time - I would love to see how you treated it to make it your own!

Best wishes, Carol :)

PS Hope you are keeping warm - like the UK, Ireland is having record cold weather here at the moment.