Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Sweet Baby Millie

I have another friend from school who recently had a baby girl, so I cornered her and asked if I could take pictures of her gorgeous sweet chunky baby girl. Here she is, in all her newborn squishyness!

When I saw her birthmark I squealed - what a perfect little target for kisses

This shot was one of those moments in photography that you could never predict. I got her into position, lifted my camera and as I pressed the shutter she had this little wind smile. Her mum and I both gasped, we knew straight away that this would be our favourite image.

In newborn photography circles, photographers often have tiny babies in impossible poses, and amateur photographers try to (dangerously) recreate them. This shot is a composite of two, and in each shot the baby's head was being supported from the side by her mum. A newborn's neck is not strong enough to support their head like this, so please don't try put your baby in this pose.

Love those little wrinkles on her back.

They lose that loose skin on her heads so quickly, I love to capture the little rolls of soft downy baby heads!

And it's all in the details that we forget so quickly, the flaky feet and hands, the little millia spots on their noses, their soft downy ears and delicate little eyelashes. Thank you so much for letting me take pictures of your sweet little girl Jo and Sean, she's a keeper!

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